IRTR 27/10/2012

Afghan Maoists mourn death of Central Committee member

Comrade Hafiz, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, passed away this month. All members at home and abroad are obliged to mourn his death and commemorate his life according to their particular circumstances by the end of October. Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organizations and supporters from Spain, Italy, Canada, Britain and elsewhere have sent their condolences which have been published on the CMPA’s website Shola Jawid.[1]

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Reports of a CPN-Maoist military wing
On the 8th of October, bourgeois media reported:

“The military structure of CPN-Maoist is going to be announced formally under the name of Rastirya Yuwa Swayamsewak Bureau from the national conference scheduled to be held in Dhulikhel on October 10-12. It is said that the party secretary Netra Bikram Chanda led the military structure is also proposed to name as National Youth Volunteers Bureau.” [1]

According to Kasama, the first convention of the National People’s Volunteers took place recently. The NPV is a “mass fighting force” and “serve-the-people volunteer organization”, reminiscent of the role of the People’s Liberation Army during the GPCR. [2] Kasama calls this the “seeds of a new people’s army”, but this organization was formed by Netra Birkam Chanda, or Biplab, who had earlier this year announced that they would “not return to the jungles at any cost”. [3]

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Proletarian Maoists from Nepal take over concrete factory
Kasama reports that the cadre of the All Nepal Revolutionary Trade Union Federation, a workers organization which is aligned with the CPN-Maoist, has taken over a concrete factory that Baburam Bhattarai has intended to privatize and sell off to foreign companies.[1]

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MCPM from Manipur introduces “New People’s Militia”
The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur, which has engaged in armed actions since its formation, announced on the 21st of September the formation of a New People’s Militia. Manipur is one of the seven colonized nations in Northeast India and the MCPM claims that they are going to liberate the country from Indian rule and establish new democracy through people’s war.[1]

[1] “Revolutionary Advances in Manipur”

Italian CARC Party fends off state repression
The CARC Party, which is aligned with the (new) Communist Party of Italy, has recently had all charges against them dropped. Members of the organization have been persecuted against and tried in courtt despite having done nothing illegal.[1]

[1] “We have won the struggle against a persecution started with a first prosecution twenty years ago and ended with the eight prosecution on 17 October 2012”

Norwegian state attacks Tjen Folket
“A former member of Serve the People and suspected police agent attacked some members of Serve the People at a meeting in Oslo last week. He was arrested along with two Serve the People members – all are now released.The suspected police agent has been working with Dagblat and the Norwegian State in their campaign against Serve the People which has been ongoing since 2008.

“The intense scrutiny of SOS Racism and ongoing attacks on Serve the People should alert comrades throughout Europe and make them more vigilant against the disruptive and disorganising activties of the State and its proxy agents.”[1]

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A World to Win Archive complete
Banned Thought, a website which publishes Maoist documents, recently finished uploading all issues of A World to Win, the unofficial theoretical journal of the now-defunct Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.[1]

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Signalfire website redesigned, original material compiled in one section
Polemical articles written for the U.S. based Maoist website Signalfire have been thrown together into one section, and the website has been redesigned for easier use.[1]

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